Christian Cueva has signed for Alianza Lima for six months.

These were days full of emotions for the fan of Lima Covenant because the desire to see Christian Cueva with the t-shirt ‘Blue and white’ after 8 years. ‘Aladdin’ completes its first week of training with the ‘intimate’.

The midfielder made the difference, but on Thursday, March 9, he rubbed shoulders with his teammates and was even considered for the training match. In this way, he cast doubt on the possibility of being considered for the match against Cusco F.C. on Saturday March 11, from 8 p.m. in the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium.

The player assured that he was fine physically despite the fact that he had not played since December last year, when the Al Fateh pitted Al Feiha and fell 2-0. ‘Cave’ He stayed on the pitch for 62 minutes. will depend on Guillermo Salas if he decides to give him minutes or if he extends his debut for the next game, which would be against Sports Huancayo visit on Sunday March 19th.

“I will always be available for the team, for Professor Guillermo Salas, who is my teacher today. I had him a long time ago in San Martín when I started, a person I like very much and whose I I have very good memories. I feel good, hope that the opportunity will arise. We don’t know if it’s now or later, but I’m fine, I’m fine and I hope to get better.”ensured the ‘narrow’ in its official presentation.

Christian Cueva: “I will always be available for the team” | GlobeLiveMedia

Lima Covenant there Al Fateh They reached an agreement that Christian Cueva stay in Matute for six months, but everyone wants it to be longer. Jose Bellinasports director of ‘Blue and white’raised this possibility and gave hope that it will come true, however, it will all depend on when the player moves on as there were several teams that were interested in him and he decided to sign for the ‘narrow’.

“There are several factors for this situation to have occurred. The first is to listen to the player, what he feels and what he wants. Later we found out that he was an Al Fateh player and eventually all parties had to agree for this to happen. Christian is a player who has received many offers and who can play at the highest level. He could be in the league he wanted and we are privileged that he decided to come with us,” the manager said.

Although his stay at Victory It doesn’t just depend on the ‘grones’, the director made it clear that they wanted him to stay much longer. “The most important thing will be what he wants and, from this moment, we will agree with Al-Fateh to see what can happen. But also We would like Christian to be at Alianza as long as possible.“, he added.

José Bellina spoke of the luck that Christian Cueva does not stay only six months in Alianza Lima.

There was some uncertainty as to whether the meeting of the ‘Blue and white’ and cusqueños was going to air, all due to a television rights dispute that remains unresolved. As we already know, Lima Covenant is one of the opposition clubs Peruvian Football Federation and continues with its position that its renewal be respected with the Peru Football Consortium (GOLPERÚ). However, he decided to accept that 1190 Sportsthe company that owns the rights to La Liga 1, broadcast the match on the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium due to the modification of the regulations which made the FPF. This is how the game will be broadcast by Liga 1 Max to avoid any type of suspension, fine or programming behind closed doors.

“In the event of the local club’s refusal to comply with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, before the start of the match, the competent authority (Match Delegate, Professional Football League and/or FPF) will cancel the match schedule. In case, The Professional Football League will schedule the said match at a new date, time and place, the same which will be played behind closed doors (without an audience) under the organization of the FPF, on neutral ground. (venue other than the main or alternative stadium of the disqualified local club),” reads the new regulations of the League 1 regarding television rights.

Changes in La Liga 1 2023 regulations for television rights.
Changes in La Liga 1 2023 regulations for television rights.

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