Alianza Lima vs. Jaamsa: Both teams are already on the field to warm up before the second game of the semi-finals of the National Volleyball League.

There Lima Metro Line 1 joined the support of national volleyball and made a publication through his social networks in which he invites and indicates the routes to reach the Legacy Sports Center. “Today is the 2nd Semi-Final of the Superior National Volleyball League at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center. Let’s support women’s volleyball by going to encourage the teams!

RUTA: From Parque Industrial station, take Av. El Sol to Av. Los Forestales. Follow this avenue to the Villa El Salvador sports center.

Lima Metro Line 1 provided recommendations on how to get to the Villa El Salvador sports center to cheer on their teams.

Alianza Lima vs. Jaamsa: The club ‘narrow‘ reached the semi-finals of National Volleyball League with 29 points and Lima Regatta with 34 points. Both sextets will try to reach the final stage by triumphing in their second match of this stage to be able to rest the next date and reach the final ready.

Alianza Lima vs Jaamsa: The squads are measured today, Sunday April 16, in the facilities of the Legacy Sports Center of Villa El Salvador for the semi-final of the 2023 Women’s National Volleyball League. The result of the first leg, which was in favor of ‘Blue and white’, forces the photocopier team to win yes or yes to find a third party. While on the other key is San Martín University and Regatas. Track events.

This is how he promotes Lima Covenant his game before Jamsa for the second semi-final of the National Volleyball League.

Ticket price for Alianza Lima vs Jaamsa

The price of tickets to attend the match between Alianza Lima and Jaamsa varies from 10 new soles (persons with disabilities) up to 30 new soles (North, West and Preferential East). Tickets can be purchased through the virtual platform of Join.

How do the two teams arrive?

Lima Covenant He obtained his pass for the semi-finals of the National Volleyball League after being in first position in group B, this after winning by 3 sets to 0 in University of San Martin de Porres. For its part, Jamsa fell before Lima Regatta for the second phase of Serie A, for which they finished second in their group.

Last Thursday, those led by Raphael Petry They faced off in front of the photocopier booth for the first leg of the semi-finals of the LNSV. In this match, the score was 3 sets to 1 in favor of the ‘Blue and white’reason why, this Sunday Jaamsa will be forced to win if he wants to go to a third and final clash.

Alianza Lima vs Jaamsa: last confrontations

– Alliance Lima 3-1 Blind (04/13/23)

– Alliance Lima 2-3 Blind (01/29/22)

– Alliance Lima 1-3 Blind (08/28/20)

– Alliance Lima 3-0 Blind (11/23/19)

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