The “intimate” claimed that the maximum entity of Peruvian football did not fulfill its true functions.

The conflicts of the League 1 they seem endless. Lima Covenant sent a notarized letter to Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) and refers to the retransmission of the match against Cusco F.C.. In writing, the ‘Blue and whiteThey point out that the highest entity in national football does not fully fulfill its functions. On the contrary, they assured that they exercised abuse of power against the clubs.

“We have received your reply to our letter of March 8. In it, we inform you that we have agreed to receive the television company that has a contract with you for the match on March 11, as it actually happened,” the institution quoted in the document.white blue‘.

“Similarly, we let them know that we were doing it only out of respect for our fans, for the public all over the country who want to see our team and to avoid further sporting damage to the club, but we specify that you have committed acts of abuse of power and that, in due course, they will have to give an account of it,” reads the notarized letter.

“In their strange letter, they point out that”One of the objectives and purposes of the FPF is to develop regulations…”. It’s a shame, but they should be corrected: the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) is not a legislative chamber to assert that its objective or purpose is to write regulations. At most, we can consider that it is one of its functions, ”he argued in the legal letter.

The “intimate” accuse the highest entity of our football of not fulfilling its true functions.

“As a product of this confusion, you use countless legal citations to ‘confirm’ that the FPF has the authority to make changes to the regulations of local championships and tournaments. Assuming the quotes are correct, we find them flippant and unnecessary. What we say in our letter of March 8 is that you cannot give immediate effect to the changes you propose to a tournament that has already started, because the possibility of causing damage and advantages to certain clubs and to other clubs is obvious. , with the addition that it is an illegal decision. That’s all,” he explained.

“The proof of what has been said is given by you in your letter, this time irrefutable: you affirm that Article 3 of the Rules of League 1 2023 allows them to make immediate changes to the application. Indeed, 3.6 of the Regulations is the permissive standard, but this requires that an extraordinary situation be proven: “due to exceptional circumstances, health emergencies or national circumstances”. In this sense, what is the extraordinary situation that makes it possible to modify the regulations urgently? “, he underlined.

“The full proof of what has been asserted is that you They have not described (and will not describe) the legal basis that supported the postponement of our party on February 25which confirms that the decision was based only on the arbitrary exercise of a dominant position.

“Finally, it seems useless to us that they applaud our respect for the interest of the club and our supporters. Remember: these are the only reasons to continue to respect your cases, despite the fact that they have not no legal or ethical basis,” he concluded.

The “blanquiazules” claim to have accepted the FPF market so that their public is not harmed.

The bone ‘Blue and white‘, in a statement, they agreed that Ligue 1 Max broadcast his meeting before Cusco F.C.. The reason was due to the modification of the regulations of the Peruvian tournament carried out by the FPF. The change they made was intended to penalize local clubs that do not allow access to the channel authorized by the highest Peruvian tournament authority.

The punishment that it has been decided to apply is that the match is scheduled in a neutral stadium behind closed doors. In addition, the local team will have to cover the costs of holding this meeting and the visitors’ stay. It also includes an economic penalty of 8 OFFwhich is equivalent to 39,000,600 soles.

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