Diana Quijano at AFHS. Twitter

Eva entered the story of the Gonzales and Montalbán in chapter 37 of the tenth season of ‘In the background there is room‘. The beautiful woman fell in love with Don Gilberto (Gustavo Bueno) because he is very romantically interested in her. The mysterious woman arrived unannounced to buy a soft drink from his cellar and caught his eye.

Teresita’s father’s intentions would be serious as he introduced her to his entire family, but it was not to Teresita’s liking. Teresita Collazos who expresses his jealousy and mistreats the woman. His father explains that he has every right to rebuild his life, but emphasizing that he will never forget the memory of his mother. Nelly Camacho from Collazos.

But who is the actress who plays the beautiful woman who has captured the heart of Don Gilberto?, is the Peruvian actress with a great international career, Diana Quijano Valdivieso.

Diana Quijano at AFHS.  Twitter
Diana Quijano at AFHS. Twitter

Diana Quijano Valdivieso She was born in Lima in 1962 and due to her undeniable beauty, she started her modeling career at the age of 16. Then he continued his participation in advertising campaigns for major brands like Pepsi, Kodak and Johnson’s, etc.

In 1982, she made her national television debut as a model and pageant host. ‘Sky is the limit’ by Panamericana Televisión, hosted by the host Ricardo Belmont.

Then she continued her acting career in various series such as ‘The pension’, ‘Weddings and something else’ and ‘Gamboa’, there she was the only female detective in the series.

In 1993 he went to Miami and began to participate in telenovelas such as “Guadalupe” by Telemundo and ‘Morelia’ from Television. Then in 2000 he returned to Miami to participate in major productions in ‘La revancha’, ‘Secreto de amor’, ‘Gata Salvaje’ in 2002.

But his big international success was achieved in 2004 with his character as evil ‘powder’ (Lucero Ríobueno) in the telenovela Telemundo, ‘prisoner’, with Gabriela Spanic. But I also worked in productions of Caracol in Colombia, RCN, Televisa in Mexico, MTV Latin America and more.

Likewise, many may recognize her from her time in the novel. ‘Victoria’where the protagonist was the Mexican artist Victoria Ruffo and the Peruvian played the role of ‘Camille Matiz’a woman with cancer, as if it were an omen and an irony of life.

Diana Quijano in the novel
Diana Quijano in the novel “Victoria”. Twitter

At 60, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and alarmed all her followers, as she posted a message on her social networks announcing that she had this disease, but she also needs financial help because it’s a costly illness and she doesn’t have medical insurance, in addition to not having the means to cover their treatment.

“Hello, I’m Diana Quijano, the soap opera actress. Maybe you saw the one I did in 2008, it went around the world and was shown 8,000 times. It was called ” Victory’. My character was called Camila. On the show, Camila has breast cancer and I just arrived and they diagnosed me with the same thing,” she said in a video she shared. posted on his Instagram.

“The only difference is that it’s not called cancer, mine is called Filiberto. And yes, at first I was joking a lot, but I really don’t want Filiberto to stay in my body. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it go away and I will need your help,” he continued.

With a moving message, the Peruvian actress asked for financial help to treat the breast cancer she was diagnosed with.

Thanks to several Peruvian friends, she organized raffles to be able to raise more money in 2022, after which she could have surgery in July. “Thank God my tumor was encapsulated, I didn’t even need chemotherapy,” he told El Comercio newspaper.

In an interview for a local newspaper, he said he noticed the tumor on his chest when he woke up one day and felt a giant stone come out of his chest. At first she ignored him, but on the recommendation of some friends she went to the doctor to get checked out.

“One day when I raised my arm I felt something coming out of my chest, it was like a giant stone, but I didn’t pay attention to it, until a friend recommends me to her gynecologist. They did a test, but it came back negative, the same thing happened a second time. Finally, I had to go see an oncologist”, he first explained,

She explained that they had to remove all of her breasts because her skin was very thin due to fibrosis left by a breast implant. “Fortunately, Filiberto, as I called the tumor, was small and encapsulated. I don’t need chemotherapy, but I need to do exercises to strengthen my muscles. I also take a pill, which is a hormonal suppressor, because my cancer was hormonal, like that of Anahí de Cárdenas,” he said.

The actress will remain for 10 chapters in the soap opera ‘In the background there is room‘ where he will not only have a relationship with the Gonzales but also with the Maldini Montalbán. He lives in his apartment in Miraflores and plans to co-direct the new film by Alberto “Chicho” Durant.

Diana Quijano Twitter
Diana Quijano Twitter

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