The Taliban Agree to a Transition Council in Afghanistan After the President’s Flight

Ghani leaves the country after the arrival of the insurgents to the capital

After a lightning offensive, Afghanistan is once again in the hands of the Taliban . The fundamentalist militia already controls the entire country and the capital Kabul, before which they have stopped the offensive in order to avoid a battle, which, in any case, it is taken for granted that once the 5,000 US soldiers deployed by Joe Biden were defeated. withdraw after evacuating all the American personnel and collaborators of the campaign that NATO has maintained in the Asian country for more than 20 years.

The insurgent spokesman Zabihulá Muhayid explained through social networks that all parts of the country were already under the control of the Islamic emirate . Throughout all of Sunday the transition process was being negotiated to be completed “safely”, according to the same spokesman. The Taliban accepted a transitional council to carry it out with “an inclusive Afghan government.”

The departure of the president, Ashraf Ghani, known hours later, embodies the image of a government in disintegration a day after he insisted on “re-mobilizing” his forces to stop a Taliban advance that has been unstoppable since they launched their attacks. in May, coinciding with the start of the withdrawal of US troops and its allies.

What remains of the Afghan Executive after Ghani’s flight from the country and the Taliban will agree on peace conditions. ” Afghans should not worry. There will be no attack on the city ”of Kabul, the Interior Minister, Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, assured yesterday. “There will be a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government,” he added. Leading these negotiations will be former Vice President Abdullah Abdullah, who is also the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation.

No retaliation

One of the Taliban spokesmen, Suhail Shaheen, assured that no retaliation will be taken against the enemy. “ There will be no risk for diplomats, NGOs, for anyone. Everyone must continue their work as they did in the past. They will not harm them , they must stay, he said. “We assure that there will be no revenge against anyone.” Whether it is true or not, the exodus out of the country continues in fear of reprisals for those who have opposed the theocratic regime.

Apparently, the fundamentalist rebels have changed their strategy trying to avoid the mistakes of 20 years ago , when their radicalism led them to confront an international coalition that ousted them from power after an alliance with the warlords tribal leaders of an Afghanistan that brings together multiple ethnic groups. What seems clear is that, after twenty years of international mission, the country returns to the starting box.


Melissa Galbraith
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