Ten years later, most of the Party Down catering team are gone, including actor and waiter Henry Pollard.

In 2009, a cult comedy hit television, telling the story of a group of dysfunctional dreamers and struggling actors waiting for their big break while serving appetizers for a Hollywood catering company called To party. The series was titled with this same name, becoming a total success that returned a year later with a second season (both with 10 episodes). Now, over a decade later, via Lionsgate+, the production returns, promising to continue entertaining audiences with a third batch of episodes to air on February 24.

The main actors who made up the brilliant cast of fiction are Adam Scott as Henry Pollard, alongside Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Lizzy Caplan, Jennifer Coolidge and Megan Mullally. Television and film personalities who are among the biggest in the industry today. Scott has recently been seen in other hits like Breakup Apple TV+, among others. GlobeLiveMedia he had a space alone with him to let his fans know what was to come.

official poster of "To party", third season.  (Lionsgate+)
Official poster of “Party Down”, third season. (Lionsgate+)

The third season of To party is set ten years later, where most of the popular catering crew has moved, including actor and waiter Henry. “After a surprise encounter, the team finds itself once again tolerating the procession of parties of all kinds and eccentric guests across Los Angeles,” reads its official synopsis.

Henry gained fame for a beer commercial in which his line “Are we still having fun?” It brought him fame but ended his career. Moreover, indifferent and perpetually frustrated, he often played straight with the rest of his companions and was often the most level-headed of the group. As for his return to comedy for this 2023, Scott revealed how he felt when he met this character after so long. Yes, 13 years later. In the first episode, there’s a scene where we’re all together and I was watching Ken and Jane and Megan and the others. There I realized how much I missed these people, because they are my friends and I love them”, he said. He added that he also missed the characters of the other, with whom he does not Hadn’t been in a play for a long time. “It was a lot of fun and really, really emotional,” he added.


Scott mentioned that of course everyone has grown up as well as Henry, who he says has moved on a bit in his life and also calmed down. “I think he’s a little more comfortable in his own skin and a little more comfortable with his position in life. Also, they’re all the same people as they were 13 years ago, but they have all aged and changed,” said the American actor, currently 49.

As well as his character in To party, on a personal note, the actor commented on the process he followed in the world of theater and his search for success, as well as the idea of ​​giving up television. “It was tough,” he said. “I worked there for about 15 years, before I got any real traction in show business. It’s tough, and I think that’s part of what we’re all about. party down”, declared.


Ultimately, he called success something that was a little out of reach for him and his peers, but said the program was therapeutic in some way. “And we didn’t know if anyone would see it, but we loved doing it and connecting with these characters.”

Adam Scott waiting for everyone on February 24 to receive the third season of To party, a Lionsgate+.

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