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In the genre of the erotic novel, the writer Sibyl Freijo (A Coruña, 1972) had a successful literary career. He has now postedSalt”, a biographical novel that departs from his usual work and in which he crosses the black light of family relationships and confronts the memories of an abusive father.

Freejo, at the age of 18, he left Galicia A Madrid. With this change, he finally leaves a childhood and adolescence marked by the mistreatment of Manual, his father and the absence of his mother. Years later, after her father’s death, she returns to her hometown, forcing her to confront memories, good and bad, that have remained intact.

In “Salt” think about how to face mourning, but also how to find forgiveness; perform a memory exercise to reorganize your memories, those that are easy to retrieve, but difficult to capture; she herself becomes a fictional character, to cross the thorny path of childhood memories.

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Sibila Freijo salt was released under the Espasa label.
Sibila Freijo salt was released under the Espasa label.

“We don’t all have good families and it’s a subject that isn’t talked about much, partly because of that hackneyed phrase, the dirty laundry is done at home, even if we have problems, we don’t we usually don’t tell them. The family, just as it is a source of love and support, can also be a source of permanent conflict,” said Sibila Freijo in an interview with The Spaniard.

Sibyl exposes the most difficult moments of her early years, the dynamics of a bad family, the curious relationship of a daughter with her father, and even the resonances of a death experienced in the first person. All this, not as a settling of scores with his past, but as a story born of honesty. The author fictionalizes his life to offer the reader a tragicomedy.

The novel goes through La Coruña 80s, while fragments of a harsh childhood stand out, and small doses of black humor. The reader becomes a witness to the evolution of a daughter who becomes a mother, while taking up the challenge of putting her memories in order.

Sibila Freijo is the author of "what i found out about you", "What you didn't know about me"there "any boy".  Photo: (Voice of Galicia / Marcos MÍguez).
Sibila Freijo is the author of “What I Found Out About You”, “What I Didn’t Know About Myself”, and “An Ordinary Boy”. Photo: (Voice of Galicia / Marcos MÍguez).

Of Manual There are images of a rude father, a man who marked the author physically and psychologically for several years, who now in “Salt” She is shown as a woman who, in her full adult life, has found the point of forgiveness and, even, the anchor to pay homage to the incidents of her life.

“That’s life; The one who abused me the most is also the one who taught me the most. I had a lot of resentment, but I calmed down with him after he died, when he was no longer there on the other side. When I was calm and still, I was able to command, I was able to come down, relocate my childhood, do a certain exercise of understanding and forgiveness,” Sibila Freijo said in an interview with the magazine She (Spain).

Although it is an autobiographical text, the writer does not skimp on exposing himself as a person as well, eliminating the role of victim and being fair and ruthless in his literary version, showing his thoughts and s exposing as she does with those who ruined her childhood. “True stories are not told halfway” express for Go; relax the narrative tension, Freejo humorously approaches his most intimate and personal work.

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