The high pressure supported at medium and high level by a large ridge that raged this weekend in the Iberian Peninsula, is what guaranteed the greatest stability as well as a general thermal increase during the weekend. A very significant warm episode for the first half of March, although without reaching exceptional values ​​in general, according to Meteored. However, this situation will not last long.: next week, from the same Monday, it will remind us that we are still in March.

This ridge is not stationary and an eastward movement will allow a front to cross the peninsula from west to east on Monday, leaving precipitation in the north and a mass of cold air behind it which will cause a noticeable drop in temperature between Monday and Tuesday.

Subsequently, a new mobile ridge should cover the peninsular vertical, producing another thermal rebound Wednesday and Thursday. However, it is not excluded that new fronts could reach the peninsula at the end of the week, causing a further drop in temperatures. So we’ll talk about “a very variable week”.

A “very variable” week

The Meteored forecast indicates that Monday the rains will be frequent on the Cantabrian side, the Pyrenees and the north-west of Galicia. In a weaker and more punctual way, they can affect other points of the northern half. In these regions, the most notable will be the notable drop in maximum temperatures, between 7 and 10 ºC in some areas compared to Sunday values.

According to its reference model, there will be no precipitation in all the southern half and a large part of the Mediterranean side; where also the thermal descent will be much softer. Throughout Tuesday, these rains will ease and give way to a new situation of stability which could last until Thursday or Friday, when the arrival of new fronts cannot be ruled out.

Although everything indicates that rainfall will be very unlikely between March 14 and 19 in Valencia, the uncertainty remains high at the end of the Fallas week. Rain is not expected at least until Friday 18, but between that day and Saturday 19, the possible arrival of a hollow to the Peninsula prevents them from being completely excluded.

The ace temperaturesOn the other hand, they will remain above the normal values ​​for the time of year, possibly falling at the end of the week on the Mediterranean side.

Weather map for this weekend in Spain.
Weather map for this weekend in Spain.

A phenomenon that could be more present is the windsince with a dominant westerly circulation over southern Europe and the Peninsula, it is likely to blow moderately from the west for a good part of the week, without excluding strong gusts on March 18 and 19, i.e. the next weekends of the week.

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