The contestant managed to guess which words were hidden behind the letters of the alphabet that surrounded him in the classic television format

The participant Rafael Castano managed to take the the biggest prize in the program’s history Antenna 3 from Spain “Pasapalabra”, 2,272,000 euros (2,415.00), by matching the 25 words hidden behind the definitions of “The donut”and thus overcome his adversary, orestes barber.

In the early morning of Friday, a few minutes before midnight, this competitor from Seville managed to guess which words were hiding behind the letters of the alphabet that surrounded him in the already classic television format, according to a press release transmitted by the television channel .

The previous jackpot was awarded in 2006, when the contestant edward benedict won €2,190,000.

Rafa Castaño can’t believe he won the biggest prize in the history of the “Pasapalabra” program

Last night Castaño beat his opponent, Orestes Barbero de Burgos, with a historic mark of 179 seconds, the third-best record achieved by a competitor, and ended up having a full minute remaining. He also completed all 25 letters of El Rosco in a single round, which no one had achieved before and without giving his rival a chance.

Rafa Castaño wore 197 consecutive Pasapalabra programs and already accumulated 127,200 euros. The 32-year-old from Sevilla managed to win in 75 installments of the program and tied 64 times against Orestes, who had been in the contest for 360 installments.

Presented in its current phase by Roberto Leal, “Pasapalabra” is a competition broadcast in Spain since 2000, when the program began its journey in Antenna 3 with Silvia Jato at the helm, and it quickly became a ratings success.

(With information from EFE)

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