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Globe Live Media, Sunday, January 31, 2021

A 24-year-old young tourist Matías Mares died this morning because he could not recover from the wounds suffered on Sunday afternoon in the Cariló dunes, when he was traveling aboard a motorcycle and collided with a UTV vehicle.

As confirmed by police sources to Globe Live Media, the event occurred around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. According to Eduardo and Mariana Mares, Matías’s parents, their son went out with his motorcycle to train, accompanied by a friend, Lucas, who was aboard a UTV.

Matías Mares was 24 years old.

Matías Mares was 24 years old.

“At one point another UTV crossed, which was operated by someone other than the owner, they had loaned it to him. Matías hits him squarely, from the side. There his friend Lucas sees how Matías is doing and asks the other man who is waiting, who is going to seek help “, narrated Mariana Mares in dialogue with GLM.

And she continued with her story: “This man assisted Matías, took off his helmet, and detached it accordingly,” from what Lucas tells us. We want to clarify that he never ran away, he even gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, because our son had already started to convulse. Then they took him in the truck, they put him in the ambulance ”.

So it was that right after the 24-year-old’s friends managed to load him up and bring him to Route 11, where an ambulance was waiting, who took him up and transferred him even without regaining consciousness to the Pinamar hospital.

In the absence of the results of the accidentological expertise, Preliminary analyzes of both vehicles showed that Mares’s motorcycle had its main damage on the front, while the quad bike was mostly damaged on its left side..

The UTV quad with which the 24-year-old who lost his life collided.

The UTV quad with which the 24-year-old who lost his life collided.

In any case, Matías’s parents remarked that it was an accident, since their son “had been riding a quadricycle since he was three years old, he knew the area and always wore all his full protective equipment.”

Mares with his motorcycle

Matías Mares with his Motorcycle.

The same monday, the young man’s family requested the transfer to the Fleni clinic in the City of Buenos Aires, but the request was denied by the heads of the hospital, due to the extreme gravity of the picture.

The vigil was dramatic for the family, until finally on Wednesday night hospital authorities reported that Mares had a picture of brain death. Thus, the parents decided to donate their son’s organs, a procedure that was carried out just this morning.

The testimony of Matías’s parents

An ambulance sent by the CUCAIBA At the Pinamar hospital, she removed the organs around 12 noon and went escorted by motorized police to the Mar del Plata airport. In this regard, Matías’s father said, excited: “The only incentive that as parents we have is that Matías’s heart, from the information we receive, is destined for Florencio Varela, for a 26-year-old girl. His other organs also have destiny “

Initially, the cause, which was left in the hands of the UFI 4 of Pinamar in charge of Dr. Juan Pablo Calderón, had been classified as culpable injuries. Nevertheless, in the last hours, the accusation changed to manslaughter. The UTV driver has already been notified of the modification.

Mares' motorcycle was damaged on the front.

Mares’ motorcycle was damaged on the front.

Matías Mares was a resident of Vicente López, Buenos Aires, and had a company for the conditioning and aesthetic treatment of cars and trucks.

In his Instagram account, the young man himself had expressed his desire to return to Cariló to take rides in the dunes aboard his motorcycle. Three weeks ago, he published an image of him on top of his motorcycle, in a dune, with the phrase “La ansiedat (sic)”.

Meanwhile, seven days ago he published another photo of himself on board the same motorcycle with which he had the accident on a 4×4 truck in the Cariló forests with the saying in English “We’re back”.

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