As the commotion over the crime of Lucio Dupuy, the 5-year-old boy who was beaten to death and for whose crime his mother and the woman’s girlfriend were arrested, an act of similar characteristics and the same level of aberration occurred in the last hours in the province of Neuquén.

This time a 2-year-old child died from several blows. The autopsy also revealed that his body presented signs of sexual abuse. They arrested his stepfather.

It was the defendant himself who this Monday around 9:00 in the morning transferred the child to the guard of the Horacio Heller Hospital, from the city of Neuquen, where the doctors found that he arrived dead, without having the opportunity to save him despite attempts to revive him.

When reviewing the body of the minor, the health personnel noticed signs of violence, whereupon they reported the case to the police authorities. “He arrived lifeless and with several blows”, explained from the prosecution to the portal LM Neuquén. In this context, at first the victim’s stepfather was delayed.

After the complaint, the prosecutor intervened in the case Andres Azar that immediately ordered the search of the house where the minor lived, located in the 7 de Mayo neighborhood of the Neuquén capital, and ordered an autopsy on the child’s body to determine the causes of death.

Late on Monday night the homicide prosecutor of the province, Juan Agustin Garcia, confirmed the arrest of the main suspect that this tuesday will be charged for the murder of the child.

The preliminary report of the Forensic Medical Corps of the Judiciary indicated that the minor would have died “as a result of various traumas.” Judicial sources revealed to Telam Agency that the body also presented evidence of sexual abuse.

Today will be the hearing to formulate charges by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in which the details of the accusation against the victim’s stepfather and the evidence collected so far will be known.

The minor lived with his mother and three brothers, a baby and two boys and four and five years old, who were left in the custody of their maternal grandmother.

As a neighbor commented to Lm Neuquen, the man looked after the children when his partner went to work. Apparently the mother reportedly said she did not know the whole ordeal that her son suffered.

After knowing the results of the autopsy, last night a group of neighbors set fire to the house raided in the 7 de Mayo neighborhood where the rapes were said to have occurred.

They also rebuked the mother of the boy who lost his life. “They are going to leave here, the neighborhood is going to get them out,” said one woman, while another pointed her out for not showing pain for losing her son: “Not a tear falls for her dead baby.”

Despite the presence of the police forces, the enraged horde destroyed the square where the Justice still had to continue carrying out the expert reports. In social networks, the user Mauro Cokii, a journalist from local media, shared videos of the group of people attacking the place and clapping in protest while the fire was consuming.

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