A woman wears a purple headscarf during a protest on International Women’s Day. (Photo: Archive / Cuartoscuro)

International Women’s Day, a date considered one of the most important in the world, because year after year it serves to continue to reaffirm the importance of women in all areas, to protect their rights and above all remember the years of struggle for equality and justice.

Every March 8, the “combat” of hundreds of women who, since previous years, have had to face to find better wages, equal working conditions to those of men, jobs, as well as guaranteeing and protecting their rights.

During this date, the achievements that have been considered in various parts of the world, recognitions or even significant events such as gearsto eradicate violence against women.

Wearing the color purple has meaning.  (Photo: Composition GlobeLiveMedia)
Wearing the color purple has meaning. (Photo: Composition GlobeLiveMedia)

Over the years, at least three colors have been adopted to commemorate the 8M date, namely green, white and purple. However, the color considered most representative of the commemoration is purple, which symbolizes the freedom, justice and dignity. For this reason, during this commemoration, they usually wear a garment of this shade.

It is said that the the purple color was chosen as a sign of remembrancebecause of fire in 1911 in the Triangle Blouse Company Factory, New YorkWell, that tragic day the owner of this place ordered to close the doors so that dozens of women who were on strike because of the working conditions they received could not leave and Burned to death by the flames of the incident that was caused.

From miles away you could see this the smoke that came out of the factory, during this fateful incident, was purple, because they worked with fabrics of this color. In this place they were counted around 125 dead women.

Purple is also considered symbol of gender equality, since traditionally boys were identified with a blue color and girls with pink. The mixture of the two shades gives purple.

During this time he White color It generally represents honesty in political and private life. For its part, green symbolizes hope in a new beginning.

Madrid's town hall lights up purple as people take part in a protest to mark International Women's Day.  (Photo: Reuters/Susana Vera/File)
Madrid’s town hall lights up purple as people take part in a protest to mark International Women’s Day. (Photo: Reuters/Susana Vera/File)

This March 8, a wide variety of contingents are preparing to start their marches in various states of the country, such as: State of Mexico, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Veracruz, Mexico City, among others.

Faced with this, the authorities are preparing to shield the main sites. For example, in CDMX they were placed metal fences In order to protect sites such as the National Palace, barriers have also been placed along the important avenues where the mobilization will take place: Reforma, Juárez, 5 de Mayo and Eje Central.

International Women’s Day serves to observe the inequality and discrimination still suffered by women around the world, as well as the urgency of making their rights effective, including the need to eliminate the pay gap, so that women receive the same remuneration to do the same work as men, increase the presence of women in leadership positions and eliminate double shifts by fairly redistributing domestic and care work — better known as unpaid work — to name a few.

The book has just been publishedYou accuse women without reason”, a collective work (Daniela Ancira, Raquel Aguirre, Mercedes Becker and Wendy Balcazar) in which 10 testimonies of women deprived of their freedom in different prisons in Mexico are reflected.

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