Dragon Ball Z chapter 147

Dragon Ball Z chapter 147 – Analysis and curiosities

We return with a new review of Dragon Ball Z! Today, chapter 147 with the total recovery of Son Goku. 

At Hobby Consolas we have been betting on Dragon Ball Z analysis for years . Every Sunday we publish a new installment, and we are currently immersed in the Cell saga , one of the fans’ favorites.

Specifically, today we will address episode 147 of the series. But what happened in the previous chapter? Peace of mind, we will tell you everything.

The previous episode stood out for a stellar performance of Krillin . How is that possible? Well, it turns out that Goku’s best friend … he faced Cell alone!

You can imagine that it was a filler episode, but it was very well built and we had a spectacular finish. Yes, Goku’s awakening after his viral heart disease.

And this is how chapter 147 of Dragon Ball Z begins , with a fully recovered Son Goku in the Kame House. In fact, he tells Mutenroshi and Chichí that he is willing to surpass the strength of a Super Saiyan !

To achieve this, he leaves to pick up Gohan and thus undertake a special training. In this way, he uses the Shunkanido to announce his arrival in front of his friends and, incidentally , take his son to his destination.

Not without first going to the rocky enclave in which Vegeta is meditating (with Trunks from the future , although his father does not want to see him). The prince of the saiyans also yearns to surpass the strength of the Super Saiyan!

Against this background, Goku tells Vegeta that there is a mysterious place where they can train for 1 year. But what is so special about that? Doesn’t Goku realize that within 1 year they will all have died at the hands of Cell or the androids? And here comes the magic: in this place 1 Earth day equals 1 year.

In this way, they will be able to train for 365 days (if the year is not leap year, ahem) in just 24 hours. Not bad right? Well, we would not do wonders in our daily lives with a place like this!

Meanwhile, the terrible Cell continues to annihilate the population to obtain more and more energy. In addition, Toei Animation masterfully executes another horror scene starring the bioandroid beast, which chases a couple fleeing from the monster, in fear, through a mirrored room in an amusement park. The outcome is fatal.

On the other hand, the rest of the Z Warriors follow Cell’s trail, although they arrive too late at the theme park, discovering the horrible carnage. And what about Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta?

It turns out that the 4 saiyans have already arrived at Kami Sama’s palace , because this is where the magical room that Goku was talking about is located … Indeed, all this time we are referring to the hyperbolic time chamber , or the room of spirit and time , whatever you want to call it! Thanks to Mr. Popo , the four warriors are led outside the chamber.

And who will be the first to enter? Well, the royal blood, the couple formed by Vegeta and Trunks. The pair of two hallucinate when they enter the room, not in vain they find themselves before the vast immensity of the void, with an impressive force of gravity and a great lack of oxygen. Will they be able to last there for a single day, or rather, 1 year?

As if this were not enough, the chapter ends with a spectacular scene. Androids 16, 17 and 18 are still looking for Son Goku, and after verifying that they had all fled their home on Mount Paoz , they go to the Kame House. Once there, they find that Goku is not there, but there is someone willing to stand up to them … the super-Nami Piccolo !


1- In the scene in which Goku says goodbye to Chichí, at the beginning of the episode, we appreciate one of the most romantic moments of the couple in the entire series. And good old Mutenroshi didn’t want to miss it!

The image invites us to think that Goku kisses his wife, and although Toei Animation did not want to give us that shot, the gesture is more than evident. One day we will have to travel to the Kame House so that the Duende Tortuga will take us out of our doubts …

2- The technical level of this chapter is very high. We are not only talking about the musical field, but also the graphic.

The character models border on perfection, and we also appreciate a very interesting blue-cut light effect, just at the moments when Goku performs the Shunkanido. It is an effect that we did not see much more during the series, and it is a shame because it suits the technique of luxury.

3- The chapter oscillates between the filler scenes and the purely canonical ones, but it is true that the excusive moments of Toei Animation are quite successful (and sometimes so exaggerated that they are funny).

To give you an example, here we have Krillin breaking the airship to give Goku a hug, thus expressing the joy to see his best friend back. Do you also have colleagues who love you so much?

4- This chapter is mythical for many things, not only because of Goku’s reunion with his friends. Without going any further, we appreciate for the first time the immensity of the room of the spirit and time.

The stage is gigantic, sheer vastness in a void, and Toei Animation represented it to perfection. If you get tired of just looking at the images!

5- To top it off, we are going to rescue another curious moment of the episode. Goku, aware of Piccolo’s fusion with Kami Sama, blurts the following to the Namekian …

“How are you, Kamicolo?” This occurrence drives Piccolo mad, making it clear that he can keep calling him like a lifetime.

But what a good time we have spent analyzing this episode! In addition, I remember that at the time when it was broadcast on television it was really special, since just in this part they began to broadcast new episodes in Spain and the footage was much better than the previous one, with more vivid colors and the inclusion of the title of the episodes with the Dragon Balls (although it did not last long).

What did you think of the episode? Did you remember him as mythical as we do or does he seem like one of the bunch? Leñe, it’s not every day that we see Goku reconnect with his friends after overcoming heart disease.