Windows 11 app store open to third parties, Epic Games Store coming soon

Windows 11 app store open to third parties, Epic Games Store coming soon

It wasn’t just a dream that Microsoft wanted to add a third-party app store to its Windows 11 portal. According to The Verge, Microsoft Store’s new policy will allow the deployment of third-party storefront apps.

In addition to the Amazon app store, the Epic Games Store is expected to appear in the Microsoft Store in the “next few months.” As promised, Microsoft does not require a share of revenue from these stores.

The company’s loosening of its policy towards rival browsers (which now allows browsers with non-Microsoft engines) also bears fruit. The Microsoft Store offers Opera and Yandex Browser as alternatives to Edge.

For those who download Chrome or Firefox impulsively from the beginning, these additions won’t help much, but at least show that Microsoft is tolerant of competing in its own store. ing.

There is no mention of well-known apps or game stores such as Steam or GOG. It’s not surprising that Epic was chosen early on. Epic is loudly opposed to Apple’s App Store policy and wants to offer the Epic Games Store as much as possible.

There’s no way Microsoft wouldn’t take advantage of this. You can advertise the Microsoft Store as a more open store than Apple’s App Store. However, there’s nothing really wrong with Mac users accessing the Epic Games Store or other storefronts.

Rachel Maga
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