WhatsApp will no more force you to accept its new conditions

WhatsApp will no more force you to accept its new conditions

They will neither delete your accounts nor limit your usage options

Users who do not accept the new WhatsApp Privacy and Conditions policy will not have any limited access to their functions, contrary to what the company indicated at the beginning of May, when it announced that those who did not do so would see their service progressively limited.

The company has indicated in its Help Center that “no user’s account will be deleted or access to WhatsApp functions will be removed on May 15 due to this update”, in which the changes in the conditions of service have been included.

The decision assumes that there is no consequence for not accepting the new Conditions and Privacy policy launched in the update available from May 15, at least at this time.

The company has assured that “most of the users who saw the update accepted it”, and indicates that they will continue to show a notification in the application to those users who have not accepted the new conditions.

WhatsApp announced at the beginning of January that not accepting the new conditions of use, which include a new policy on the data that the app collects about users and their treatment, would lead to the elimination of the account. After that, the update that included the new conditions was postponed from February to May 15.

It subsequently retracted and reported in February that it would not delete the accounts and that it would launch periodic reminders to users, limiting some available functions.

The company changed the criteria at the beginning of May, at which point it indicated that users who did not accept the conditions of the May 15 update would see the limited functions progressively over the weeks.

Rachel Maga
Rachel Maga is a technology journalist currently working at Globe Live Media agency. She has been in the Technology Journalism field for over 5 years now. Her life's biggest milestone is the inside tour of Tesla Industries, which was gifted to her by the legend Elon Musk himself.