What are the functions of WhatsApp on Android that are not on iPhone

What are the functions of WhatsApp on Android that are not on iPhone

The differences between the two versions of the Meta platform do not prevent users from having a pleasant experience using the application.

Although WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications in the world according to a study carried out by the company Data.ai, called Mobile State 2023 there are notable differences between the version available for download on devices android and in the iPhone made by Apple

It is differences They are not necessarily aesthetic at the level of the interface of the application, but consist of complete functionalities that can only be found in the version of android and allow for a greater variety of uses on the platform than on the iPhone. The differential functions between the two versions of the platform does not interfere with the normal use of WhatsApp nor do they represent major difficulties in interacting with contacts via conversation group or private

The characteristics of WhatsApp for Android are: resize sourcesend Photographs unzipped and select all conversations.

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For convenient use of the application, users adults bigger may need better visualization of the words, so enlarging them is a useful feature in the platform and it is only available for Android users. That doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t have a version of this feature, but one that has a difference.

Device users only android have the ability to change the font size of the application while the font of the system it stays at the same size it was assigned to. version of Apple meanwhile, allows this change to be made, but requires changing the font size throughout the cellphone.

To change the font size in a iPhoneusers need to go to the Settings or Configuration app, locate the Accessibility option, and then tap on the Accessibility section. Filter and size of text. This is when you can select the size letters you want across the device.

Although a basic feature of WhatsApp He shares images via the app’s personal and group chats, these are not sent in their highest quality. There platform takes care of compressing it and sending it with the least amount of data possible so that it can be downloaded by another user without the need to consume a lot of mobile data or that the load of the picture too late.

Even this feature has a differentiator between Android devices and Apple because the version found in the iPhone only sending compressed photos is available, while the other operating system allows WhatsApp share the original files of the Photographs with a maximum weight of 16 megabytes. If your photo submission typically uses the Camera feature for light versions of photos, in android multimedia files (photos, videos and other documents) can be added in their original formats.

To share this kind of high quality photos without the need to compress them, users need to enter the platform and then a conversation any. Once inside, they will have to press the icon in the form of a clip located in the lower right part of the filter then select the Documents option. This is where you can share image files oh PDF and even enter the storage of Google Conduct to send the pictures saved there.

A useful management tool conversation It is the ability for users to select any number of conversations and delete them, silence them, leave groups, among other options. However, this is limited in the version of iPhone because they can only be selected one by one, which takes time if you want to do something activity which involves everything

In the case of devices android, this feature is available by selecting any conversation and then tapping the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen. Once the menu is displayed, you will see the option “select all“, from where you can manage some activities that you want to do with all the conversation stored.

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