Unplugged Analysis for PS VR2: Devil Mode to be a Rockstar

Unplugged Analysis for PS VR2: Devil Mode to be a Rockstar

Unplugged: A Unique Music Experience in Virtual Reality

If you’re a music lover and a fan of virtual reality, you’re in for a treat. Unplugged, the latest addition to the virtual reality music game genre, has made its way to the PlayStation VR2 after making waves on the Oculus Quest. As someone who has spent countless hours playing music games, including Guitar Hero 2 on my Xbox 360, I was excited to try out this new title and see how it compared.

A Guitar Hero without an instrument

Thanks to virtual reality, we can be rock stars in Unplugged without needing any other instrument than virtual reality glasses and our hands naked. Our hands will be positioned on virtual “frets” and we must move our hand to where the rhythm of the song itself marks us. So placing your hands in the right place and pressing the virtual strings with your fingers is how we’ll play the game. At first it can be tricky if you haven’t played guitar in your life, moving your hands over the frets and moving your fingers at the same time can be tricky, but the difficulty curve is nice.

Also from the start the game is very intuitive and very visual, so you’ll soon know how to play Unplugged well. What the game does very well is that we will always be playing our guitar in front of an audience who will appreciate our performance or not, so if we don’t hit the right notes we will start to go out of tune and the performance will be worse. If at the end of the songs we have done a good job, we will have a few seconds to grab the briefs, panties and bras that will be thrown at us by the public.

As we play we will do better, we will enjoy the game more and also unlock songs at the same time we get elements that allow us to customize our guitar, which is visible at all times, which is much appreciated. The formula works and is very addictive. Without being too fan of the musical genre, I really enjoyed it.

One thing that Unplugged lacks is that it may have few songs, a total of 23 songs., a number that could increase in the future with downloadables. Likewise, mastering all these songs and getting 100% of the notes in the most complicated modes is difficult, so if we want to be complete in this sense, it is a game that can take us many hours. It is true that maybe an online mode would have been great for him, despite some rankings that compare you to other users. Maybe in a possible sequel, we could see that possibility.

Gameplay and guitar respond very well to PS VR2. Unplugged is a game also available on Oculus Quest and the PlayStation version performs even better in terms of hand detection and guitar angles. Therefore, with the exception of a few occasional crashes, the game perfectly recognizes the way you move your hands and fingers with your virtual guitar.


Unplugged for PS VR2 is the platform’s most addictive music game. A formula that works perfectly, is addictive, can “sting” the most demanding players and at the same time manages to have fun both being alone and having a game session with friends. A real discovery, a game that I would not have tried if it had not been for this review and. which I am now grateful to have and to have enjoyed.

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