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Twitter is preparing to integrate Newsletter features right after the acquisition of Revue

Twitter just announced the acquisition of its newsletter platform Revue two days ago, but has already begun integrating it into its website. Apparently, it will be added to Twitter’s sidebar navigation options such as Bookmarks, Moments, and Twitter Ads. The company is also preparing a new way to promote its new product to Twitter users, and has promised to provide advertisers with a new way to reach their users.

A series of survey results are from famous reverse engineers Jane Manchun Wong It was discovered by (Jane Manchun Wong) and is the result of a closer look at the website that the company may be preparing for the latest acquisition.

According to a pop-up promotional message under development she found, Twitter will soon have various benefits of Revue: newsletter creation and scheduling, tweet embedding, email address list import, user engagement analysis, and paid followers. It seems to advertise the rewards etc. obtained from. It’s clear that the message is still in the early testing phase (with some typos!), But it suggests that Twitter will integrate Revue into the Twitter platform, effectively becoming a way for prominent users to monetize their reach. ing.

Now pressing the “Find Out More” button in the pop-up message redirects Twitter users to the Revue website that Wong found.

Wong also points out that Twitter is trying to make “Newsletters” a new navigation item for Twitter Sidebar Many. Unfortunately, instead of the top-level menus that currently have Explore, Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, etc., what you see is a submenu that you use from the “…” More menu. It’s inside.

The tight integration between Revue and the Twitter main platform has the potential to give the company an interesting competitive advantage in the newsletter market in the future. You can expect it from the fact that Twitter gives a hint that the new voice service, Twitter Spaces, can also be used as a way to connect with newsletter subscribers.

Twitter is Presentation In, he explains to readers “a new setting in which writers lead conversations.” Perhaps this will not only allow Twitter users to publish newsletters with Twitter’s new service, but also monetize their existing follower base, find new readers through Twitter’s built-in capabilities, and reach readers daily through Spaces chat. It means that you will be able to acquire it. With the fee for paid newsletters dropping to 5%, many writers are beginning to justify Twitter’s potential advantage. If there’s a reason to hesitate, it’s Twitter’s bad reputation for taking full advantage of acquisitions.

Twitter declined to comment on Wong’s findings, but is aware that these features aren’t currently available on the website. Wong told the magazine that he hasn’t seen any signs of Revue integration into the Twitter mobile app.


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