Twitter introduces a label to stop misinformation about Coronavirus Vaccine

Twitter introduces a label to stop misinformation about Coronavirus Vaccine

Twitter announced on March 1 in the United States that it will introduce a new label on the user’s timeline to eliminate false information that could disrupt the deployment of the new coronavirus vaccine.

The label, which also appears as a pop-up message in the retweet window, is the company’s latest experiment to improve what it does on the platform.

Twitter will attach a notification to the misinformation tweeted, alerting users that the content is “misleading” and providing links to well-scrutinized public health information.

The elimination of such vaccine misinformation, which began on March 1, is not done by an automatic moderation system, but by the company’s human moderators.

The company says its goal is to use early decisions to train AI systems to scrutinize vaccine misinformation sites in the future with a mix of human and automated work. The latest anti-misinformation measures first target tweets in English before expanding.

Twitter has also introduced a new strike system for violating pandemic-related rules. The new system is modeled on a series of things introduced to combat voting obstruction and voting-related misinformation.

With these measures, users with two or three “strikes” will have their accounts locked for 12 hours. If you violate 4 times, you will not be able to access your account for a week, and after 5 times you will be permanently banished.

The company introduced a pandemic rule a year ago. It bans tweets that promote fake treatment and prevention, along with content that puts people at great risk of the spread of the new corona. In December 2020, it added a new rule aimed at the popular vaccine conspiracy theory, announcing that it was preparing to introduce a warning label.

Rachel Maga
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