Twitter delays the new Twitter Blue for fear of interference in the US elections.

Twitter delays the new Twitter Blue for fear of interference in the US elections.

One of the big changes that will come to Twitter after the purchase of Elon Musk is the verification process. The company planned that anyone who paid for Twitter Blue would be automatically verified (in exchange for $8 dollars a month, yes). Elon’s haste pointed to a launch for today, November 7, although it seems that it has been postponed.

The reason is the imminent holding of elections midterm from the United States. The company would have stopped the plans until after the elections due to the risk that it could pose a problem of external interference. Not only is it an immediate stop to Elon’s plans, also throws away part of the pretensions of the new CEO on the viability that anyone who pays is verified.

It is, in fact, one of the problems of the new verification system that they do not take into account the influence of the person, only that they pay the monthly fee. And of course the fact of having stopped it just before the elections only confirms this point.

According to him NOW measure aims to limit the possible consequences of verified users posing as political or government figures, such as President Biden, or the media may try to leak false results that may discourage others from voting.

The US elections call into question the new Twitter Blue

The new one version Twitter Blue, which will cost $7.99 per month in the US, includes a range of new features aimed at encouraging users to pay for a monthly subscription. The most important novelty is that, just by subscribing, coveted blue check mark is automatically won. In addition, Musk has announced and reduces the number of ads that are shown to them on the platform.

However, it seems that opening the door to anyone verified just by paying also creates a problem of veracity in many of the accounts. Only with a subscription can anyone be verified as a source of true news, even if it is a fake news and misinformation account.

In fact, it hasn’t been released yet and it’s already causing some other problems.

Rachel Maga
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