Social platforms, whatever they are, have a certain duty to protect their users. This includes taking action against harassment. Today, it is TikTok that is expanding its arsenal.

A social platform, whatever it is, cannot exist today and have millions of users without a number of features aimed at protecting their users. These platforms are by no means lawless areas and measures must be taken against deviant behavior and in particular harassment. TikTok today launches new functions in this direction.

TikTok rolls out new features to fight harassment

Social media apps like TikTok were originally created to be entertaining, with users able to post videos of themselves singing and dancing to a song. That being said, some use the app to create discussions on various topics, to respond to others who might have challenged them, etc.

including a confirmation system before publication

In an attempt to prevent possible harassment issues that might arise through the app, TikTok has decided to roll out new anti-harassment features. Some of these features may sound familiar to you.

One of them will ask users if they are sure they want to publish their post if by chance it contained months that could be considered abusive and go beyond the recommendations made to the TikTok community.

If you are wondering why this may sound familiar to you, it is precisely by this feature was introduced by Twitter not long ago. TikTok is also launching new filters for comments. Users will be able to choose from several levels of filtering, whether it is filtering out offensive terms in general or entering specific keywords.

According to the TikTok press release, “Creating a safe and caring app that enables creative expression of our community is our priority. We will continue to strengthen our protections for users, to design tools that give users more control to shape their experience, and of course we are listening to feedback from our community and our experts.”

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