This iOS concept allows you to know the reason for a phone call. Will it ever be implemented?

Today, with the advent of instant messaging services, phone calls in due form have clearly lost interest. That being said, in some cases they are still very useful. Still, for some, receiving a call has now become “strange”, especially if the call comes from an unknown number. This concept answers this problem.

This iOS concept allows you to know the reason for a phone call

That being said, Dan Mall, CEO of Super Friendly, has created a concept for iOS that would allow the caller to specify the reason for their call. This means that when a phone call arrives on your phone, you could know, via a simple text display, why this person is calling you and decide, if so, whether to answer this call or not.

This could be very handy for both known and unknown calls. For example, if you receive a call from an unknown number, this could indicate the reason for the call and in fact, you would know that it is not necessarily spam or a call from a switchboard.

Let’s also imagine that you run out of battery on your phone and you borrow a stranger’s phone to let your loved ones know where you are, to be able to leave a message that it’s not some stranger calling might to be practical.

Will it ever be implemented?

Another practical case would be when a friend or family member calls you, but you are busy with something. If the call is urgent, it can indicate it in the reason for the call and you would then know that you must stop what you are doing to answer.

In any case, keep in mind that all this is currently only a concept. There is no guarantee that this feature interests the Cupertino company, on the one hand, and decides to make it a reality on the other hand. Still, such a feature could be very interesting.

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