This artificial intelligence promises to generate promotional videos with extremely realistic human models

This artificial intelligence promises to generate promotional videos with extremely realistic human models

Artificial intelligence is having an abysmal growth in the last year. From generating images that take first place in contests, to being able to detect degenerative diseases. On this occasion, we meet Movio, an emerging company that promises to generate promotional videos for your company using artificial intelligence and the result is impressive.

Movio sells us a platform in the best Canva style. However, unlike the latter, the one developed by the startup allows you to generate videos with people reciting whatever you have written for them. The best of all is that it does this through AI-generated “human beings”avoiding the work of hiring real models, and voice actors.

“We’re doing what they do from Jasper and, but with video production,” says Josh Xu, co-founder and CEO of the project. “Videos are powerful, just imagine if marketers could send emails with avatars of humans talking, instead of plain text.”

The idea behind Movio is certainly surprising. After all, artificial intelligence is a great tool for simplifying jobs that could be more complicated otherwise. However, we cannot help but wonder, What will happen to the actors who dedicate themselves and prepare for this profession?

How does this Movio artificial intelligence work?

Movio is a start-up company that has been around for two years now. To develop this artificial intelligence capable of generating videos, it has used several well-known AI models. One of them is GAN, which makes it easy to generate almost real human beings.

Users who want to use the Movio app they will have to start by choosing between templates. The level of customization is quite extensive, so you will have room to select from hyper-realistic avatars, to a specific theme for your type of business, with music and background included.

You can also change the clothing, face and voice of the avatar that appears in the video. All this is as simple as clicking between the different options that exist in the application.

However, it seems that Movio has a limitation, at least for now. Currently, he can only create avatar heads, although they are already working on generating full body movements. In this way, they hope to become an “all-in-one AI-based video production platform.”

AI-generated video is only a small segment within the AIGC industry [contenidos generados por IA]. We’ve seen how much text-to-image can do, and I expect text-to-video to be even more disruptive when it’s ready.

Josh Xu, CEO of Movio

Rachel Maga
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