The growth of interest on the part of researchers, technicians, the community and companies were transforming the technology to explore what else can be done with blockchain. Starting with the research and validation of blockchain technology in various business areas and trying to understand how it will be implemented efficiently in today’s world, here, in this article, we present the trends that are coming in this area.


We are at a point where the technology has matured to a point where we find different alternative use cases, such as the use of decentralized file systems, NFTs, and DeFi.

These new ones will become more relevant next year because they have found a market niche where they can be exploited, however, on the other hand, cryptocurrency trading is in a phase of accelerated expansion, so I think that next year we will see many more people investing or protecting their assets in these crypto-secure mechanisms.

There are other business models that have not yet been exploited, such as the democratization of voting systems, the supply chain and digital identity, which will mature their processes next year to start in the technological stack of many companies interested in the benefits of blockchain.

This technology has definitely found a place in the industry and will be used more and more as a network of trust which allows us to give certainty and validity to processes that even seemed destined for a regulatory or centralized entity.

We see how the most important social networks and Tech companies around the world are starting or advancing with blockchain issues and next year we will find many surprises from these companies for generating products supported by blockchain technology.

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