Undoubtedly WhatsApp listens to its users and improves its features based on the complaints it receives. From a limit to the forwarding of messages to combat fake news, to the possibility of sending “heavy” files of images or documents, and now already it is raising a new feature.

With the latest beta version of its iOS app, WhatsApp has added an option that allows users to choose who sees when you were last connected, points out the specialized website WABetaInfo.

This is WhatsApp’s feature that indicates when someone last checked the app, and is a way to find out if a contact may have seen your message, even if you have read receipts turned off. For a while now, WhatsApp allows you to limit who sees your status and disable the feature entirely, but we didn’t have the possibility to decide if we wanted this function to discriminate, that is, allow some contacts to see our last connection and others not.

However, WhatsApp iOS beta version adds this new option which will be “My contacts except,” in the privacy settings section of the app. It is necessary to take into account that, logically, if we add a person to this list, not only will they not see our last connection, we will not see theirs either.

This would be a first step towards much more personalized privacy control that would cover not only the time of connection, but also the possibility of seeing profile photos, statuses and more. With the feature now in beta testing on both Android and iOS, it probably won’t be long until it’s officially available on WhatsApp.

To find out if we have this new feature, you have to go to WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy> Last seen/Profile picture/About and there should appear this option called “My contacts except”. We select who we do not want to see our last connection and that is enough. All other contacts will still see when we connect.

This feature will be implemented over the next few weeks for both users of iOS and for those who have mobile phones with Android.

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