The iPhone 13 would be made official on September 17

The iPhone 13 would be made official on September 17

The launch of the iPhone 13 could take place on September 17, and that of the third generation of AirPods on the 30

As every year, fans of the apple brand, as well as the specialized press, impatiently await the arrival of the new iPhone. And as every year, we try to guess when the device will be official. Today, it would appear that a date is being set for the long-awaited event. It could be September 17th.

iPhone 13 launch could take place on September 17th

Last year, due to the pandemic, Apple postponed the launch of its iPhone 12 by about a month, which is October instead of the usual September.

That being said, it seems that the situation is returning to a “normal” course this year with the iPhone 13 as, according to a report from the Chinese site IT Home, the iPhone 13 launch event would take place on the 17th September.

At least, this is the date that appears on the product sheet of an e-commerce application. Apple’s iPhone 13 would therefore be launched on September 17.

However, no one really knows how this site got wind of these dates. After all, anyone can come up with a date for this event, that doesn’t make it truer or more likely than any other. We will therefore take the information as yet another rumor.

and that of the third generation of AirPods on the 30

This product sheet also mentions the third generation of AirPods. This would arrive, still according to the same source, on September 30. But once again, no one really knows how this date surfaced. It is impossible to gauge the veracity of this information.

What’s more, according to other rumors, Apple could organize several events during the month of September, so it is possible that these dates are true, but it is better, currently at least, not to be too focused.

That being said, if those September dates are true, Apple will send out the invitations in the days / weeks to come. Still a little patience.

Rachel Maga
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