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An image of the next smartphone, Xperia 10 III, which Sony is said to be developing, has been unofficially released. The appearance has not changed much from the current Xperia 10 II, and it seems likely that it will be a minor update.

The image was released by Steve H. McFly, also known as @OnLeaks, who has a long track record of providing information on unreleased devices.



However, it seems that the main body is not the same as the Xperia 10 II. For example, the body size of the Xperia 10 III (provisional) is 154.4 x 68.4 x 8.3mm (camera part is 9.1mm), which seems to be slightly smaller than the 10 II (157 x 69 x 8.2mm). The display is 6.0 inches with no notches or punch holes, and the 8MP front camera is located on the narrow bezel.

The rear camera is a three-lens specification with an ultra-wide angle of 8MP, a standard of 12MP, and a telephoto of 8MP, and it seems that there is no change from the Xperia 10 II. The image quality of the camera is not determined only by the number of pixels, but in the middle range of other companies, the number of models equipped with high pixel cameras such as 48MP and 64MP is increasing, so it seems to be a little inferior.


From the outside, you can also see that there is a 3.5mm jack on the top and a fingerprint sensor integrated with the power button on the side.

I do not know the specific specifications of SoC and RAM yet, but I am wondering whether to adopt the Snapdragon 600 series that does not support 5G or the 700 series that supports 5G as before.

In addition, Xperia 10 III (tentative) is likely to be announced within the next few weeks. MWC will be held at the end of January, so there is a possibility that it will be announced at the same time.


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