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Spotify Announces Beta Release of Marquee, a Tool for Artists That Can Appeal New to Subscribers

As part of its live event on February 22nd, Spotify has begun beta testing a tool called Discovery Mode, an extension of Marquee, and has opened Canvas, a loop visual feature, to all artists. Announced a range of new creator tools and resources, including plans to expand the Spotify for Artists platform to 25 languages.

Launched in 2020, Marquee is a tool that allows artists and their teams to promote their new work to both free and paid subscribers through full-screen sponsored recommendations. According to Spotify, users who see Marquee’s popup will double the rate of saving music.

Marquee is now available as an artist’s self-service purchasing experience, allowing teams to book campaigns at any time as easily as updating their artist profile.

The self-service feature will be launched in the United States and will be expanded to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand outside of North America in the summer of 2021.

Spotify has also released a beta version of its audience development tool, Discovery Mode. In pilot tests, the company claims that the label was able to achieve higher royalty payments by discovering expanded songs.

In addition, the upfront budget for starting this function will be zero.

Finally, the company announced that Canvas, an artwork feature that displays a visual that loops while playing music, will also be available to all artists.

spotify canvas

As Spotify’s global market expands to 85 new markets, the service’s artist dashboard will also expand to 25 languages.

“We rely on artist feedback to provide new ways for artists to express themselves, to increase their chances of being discovered, and to give them the ability to market music to playlists. We continue to experiment and build new ways to market artists to new fans,” said Charlie Hellman, Head of Marketplace for Spotify, about the expansion. “Artists and labels of all sizes are adopting more of our tools,” he adds.

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