Sony reportedly working on a 1-inch Photo Sensor for Smartphones

Sony reportedly working on a 1-inch Photo Sensor for Smartphones

Sony is an electronics giant. And it is present in many areas, including on the smartphone market, with its high performance photo sensors.

When we think of Sony, we think of the PlayStation, obviously, but also of its televisions and its cameras. Today, we think a little less about our smartphones as the situation is very delicate today. But the Japanese brand is nevertheless present in many smartphones from other brands, in camera modules more precisely.

Sony sensors are among the most advanced in the world. And the giant works on it daily.

Sony reportedly working on 1-inch photo sensors for smartphones

In case you didn’t know, Sony today supplies many smartphone manufacturers with photo/video sensors. This means that while these companies may use different lenses and software, the components at the heart of these modules come from Sony.

And it seems that Sony intends to maintain this position in the market by working today on a most impressive innovation.

According to several recent reports, Sony is working on a 1-inch sensor that could be unveiled sometime in April. And for those who are wondering why this is so important, know that it is because a larger sensor means more data can be picked up by the sensor.

Sony made a splash several years ago by incorporating such 1-inch sensors into its compact cameras. Bringing them into smartphones would be pretty huge.

Sensors that could quickly be found in high-end smartphones

Larger sensors can pick up more information, which in turn results in better shots with more vivid, truer colors, better brightness, etc. According to several leaksters, it seems that this Sony sensor could be integrated into several future smartphones.

A leakster from Teme name even claims that this sensor would be found in the Huawei P50 range while another, TheGalox, claims that Google could use it for its Pixel 6.

It will be interesting to see what kind of images such sensors are capable of producing but until we have the official specifications of these components, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt.

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