Sony launches Creators’ Cloud, a suite of tools to help its filmmakers

Sony launches Creators’ Cloud, a suite of tools to help its filmmakers

Sony launched Creators’ Cloud an ecosystem of camera and cloud apps designed to meet the everyday needs of individual content creators, the pre-edition to networking. It will offer a myriad of applications and features for individual content creators looking to take advantage of the efficiencies and opportunities that the cloud offers.

Sony wants creators to see the cloud-based applications as one of their essential tools, just as they know that their camera is crucial for their work. The boundaries between hardware and software, online and offline are becoming increasingly blurred due to the possibilities offered by the cloud. Creators’ Cloud creates a single space where all the details of a creator’s work come together seamlessly, with their device an integral part of that ecosystem.

Creators’ Cloud was born in September 2022 as a suite of cloud-based applications and services for professionals and business users, but this next generation of the suite, aimed at individuals or small teams of content creators, arrives on the market with the same philosophy. It is a suite designed to extend camera and cloud recording, across the Instant download of videos and photos, allowing quick editing and collaborative work with colleagues all from multiple devices.

We are talking about cloud storage, available anytime from anywhere; Discover, a community of creators where you can post your own content, discover and connect with colleagues; and Master Cut (beta) is an online video editing service.

This Master Cut might be interesting because it could really get the most out of your recordings using features like high-precision image stabilization using metadata, noise reduction, and audio level optimization by dividing the sound source, as well as access to multiple devices via the cloud. synchronization.

At launch, uploading to cloud storage via the Creators App will only be available for the α7 IV and ZV-1F cameras. Direct upload of camera files to the cloud should be available in the future.

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