Silver Bitcoin, the new currency that links precious metals with cryptocurrencies

Silver Bitcoin, the new currency that links precious metals with cryptocurrencies

The German precious metals trading platform launches Silver Bitcoin, an original coin of 1 oz silver whose design representatively connects the world of precious metals with that of cryptocurrencies.

With a nominal value of two Niue dollars, the Bitcoin logo and the name of its creator are engraved on its obverse in a numerical code, detailing its value at 1.3 millibitcoins.

The desire to turn a cryptocurrency into a physical asset was the inspiration of its creator, Daniel Marburger, CEO of “The possibility of making a tangible digital investment gave us the idea to create this very special product, in which we try to link the currency to bitcoin as much as possible.” Marburger himself explains.

That is why its design has a certain symbolism geek, like the Bitcoin logo printed on electronic circuits of a motherboard, or the numerical code that occupies part of its edge, and that expresses the name of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

The new coin contains 1 oz of silver of 999.9 / 1000 purity, and on its obverse it also details the value of silver in millibitcoins, specifically 1.3 mBTC, which serves to show how much Bitcoin would be necessary to buy 1 ounce of silver .

“Of course, the asset that the customer buys is silver, not bitcoin, but the connection to the digital currency is obvious. In fact, our goal is to make an annual series that exposes the value of bitcoin against the price of silver, thus analyzing the development of both assets”, argues Daniel Marburger.

Legal tender in New Zealand, the face value of the coin is two Niue dollars, which is specified on its reverse accompanying the year of issue, and an image of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The first series of Silver Bitcoin is a limited edition of 25,000 units. Therefore, for its creator, in addition to being “a unique opportunity for numismatics fans, its acquisition will attract the interest of both investors in precious metals and cryptocurrency buyers.”

Rachel Maga
Rachel Maga is a technology journalist currently working at Globe Live Media agency. She has been in the Technology Journalism field for over 5 years now. Her life's biggest milestone is the inside tour of Tesla Industries, which was gifted to her by the legend Elon Musk himself.