Rumor’s new iPad Pro, 11-inch is about to be released?Find clues at major mass retailers-GLM

Rumor’s new iPad Pro, 11-inch is about to be released?Find clues at major mass retailers

The new iPad Pro, which is considered to be Apple’s next new product. With a series of rumors that it will be announced soon, evidence has been found that at least one accessory maker seems to be preparing for the 11-inch iPad Pro (2021).

The photo posted on the major bulletin board Reddit seems to be a Speck case that states that it is compatible with the unreleased 11-inch iPad (2021) in addition to the current 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air (2021). The product is shown. The poster found it on the shelves of a major retailer Target, but said that when he tried to buy it, he got an error message in the purchasing system saying “Cannot sell until April 6th”.

The box only says “New iPad 11” and does not specify the iPad Pro, but there are no other models expected to adopt the 11-inch in the future iPad lineup, and it almost certainly refers to the iPad Pro. It is presumed that it is.

For example, the 9th generation iPad, which is also rumored to be announced soon, was rumored to be “released in the spring of 2021”, although the time is near, the size is 10.5 inches.

By the way, Speck is a long-established manufacturer of accessories for Apple products, and it is also sold in Japan at major stores such as Amazon, Yodobashi Camera, and DoCoMo shops.

Speaking of the next iPad Pro, rumors of 12.9 inches are predominant, and 11-inch information is hardly heard. However, it is unlikely that a company like Speck will take the lead without a solid basis, and it may also have new elements such as an 11-inch mini LED backlighted display, A14X (provisional) with enhanced iPhone 12 chip, and 5G support. not.

And the sales ban date, which is said to be April 6, roughly matches the supply chain information that “the new iPad Pro will be released at the end of March at the earliest.” At a special event rumored to be March 23, it will be announced together with the new iPad mini and the lost item tracking tag AirTags (provisional), reservations will be accepted from the next week, and it seems that we can expect the flow to be released the next week.

Rachel Maga
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