Qualcomm wants its own alternative to the Apple M1 chip

Qualcomm wants its own alternative to the Apple M1 chip

Qualcomm would like its own in-house chips, alternatives to Apple Silicon chips, but without the help of giant Arm

Qualcomm is a major manufacturer in the mobile market. Most smartphones sold today have a chip made by the American giant. Apple’s initiative to design and manufacture its own chips, Apple Silicon, has inspired Qualcomm, who would dream of having their own alternative to the M1 chip.

Qualcomm reportedly wants its own in-house chips, alternatives to Apple Silicon chips

The chips in our smartphones have evolved year after year, of course, but we have to admit that nothing has been more exciting, technically speaking, than the introduction of the first Apple Silicon chip, the M1 chip. This is because, with the popularity of Apple, there is a great chance that these ARM-based chips will become an industry standard.

But without the help of Arm

And not surprisingly, the ambitions of the Cupertino company should not go unanswered from the competition. During an interview with Reuters, the new CEO of Qualcomm Cristinao Amon said the company intended to design its own chips, to compete directly with the M1 chip. And more interestingly, the American giant would like to proceed without the help of ARM.

ARM’s technologies and architecture are embedded in the vast majority of SoCs that can be seen today, whether manufactured by Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek, Huawei or Samsung. It is interesting to see that Qualcomm would like to have its own chips without ARM technologies.

Cristiano Amon explained this decision by saying, among other things: “We needed the best possible performance on a battery powered device. If Arm, with whom we have had a very good relationship for years, develops a CPU that is better than what we can manufacture on our own today, then we will still have the option of getting a license from it. of Arm.”

Qualcomm also recently bought the company Nuvia, a startup founded by former Apple employees who had worked on Apple Silicon chips. Enough to launch this new project under good conditions.

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