Project Mara is an in-development experimental game from Ninja Theory with a focus on recreating the terror of mental health issues and it will be “based on real lived experience accounts and in-depth research.”

We were all taken by surprise by the Project Mara announcement. A low-key teaser showing the benefits of new Xbox hardware and Ninja Theory’s intent with this new psychological horror game. The game will transport us to the madness and delusions that our own minds are capable of generating.

Tameen Antoniades himself was introducing us their vision of how they want to “capture reality”. In this attached video you can see the level of demand that is being set from the studio. This technique is intended so that in the future it can be used by the studio for other games.

Project Mara is already a brand

The fact is that to date talking about Project Mara was talking about a concept. Yes, we knew that it was going to become a game sooner or later, but the name was left to interpretation. However, it seems that Microsoft wants to protect it and has registered it as a trademark.

This doesn’t mean this is going to be the end game name, Microsoft simply wants to protect you from possible misunderstandings and have someone sign you up first.

Trademark: Project Mara.

At the moment there is not much more to know about this game, I would not bet that its arrival is near, rather the opposite. In the meantime, however, you can revel in this audio clip that reflects the quality they’re looking for in the final game.

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