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It is reported that the kidnapped woman was tracked by police by Apple Watch, she was protected and the criminal was arrested.

Police arrived at the scene on December 16 last year after being notified, according to local media in San Antonio, Texas. There, the policeman was informed by the girl that her mother had been kidnapped. The girl said she heard a scream from the parking lot after the mother and the suspected man argued, but did not know where she was taken.


Ten minutes later, the kidnapped woman called her daughter through her Apple Watch and reported that she had been kidnapped and injured. It is stated that the call was suddenly disconnected at that time.

Police then used an “emergency cellular ping” to track the location of women using their Apple Watch. When the police arrived, they found a woman in a truck in the parking lot.

According to the victim, he was told to argue with the suspected man and take his stuff out of the truck, and when he got on the loading platform, the man (with testimony that he was drunk at that time) got into the driver’s seat and started running. That’s right. The woman asked her to stop, but the man repeatedly slammed the brakes on the loading platform and laughed each time.

After driving around for a while, the suspect took her out and finally parked at the Hyatt Hotel. When the woman called the police, the man threw money and fled when he saw a policeman approaching, but was reportedly arrested in the end.

It’s not clear what the Apple Watch’s “emergency cellular ping” is, but the iPhone’s “Find” app allows you to track your cellular model Apple Watch. Also, in this case, the police were indirectly notified by “hanging the daughter’s iPhone from the victim’s Apple Watch”, but you can report directly (in some areas) by emergency SOS with the cellular model Apple Watch. ..

In addition, although the victim was noticed by the suspect in a voice call, there are cases where he could send a message silently and use it to escape the difficulty. With its electrocardiogram app and fall detection, the Apple Watch is now a digital lifeline that wraps around your wrist.

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