One last update for Telegram before 2022

One last update for Telegram before 2022

Telegram is updating one last time before 2022 and filling up with new features

Telegram is one of the many instant messaging services that currently exist on the market. If the platform is appreciated by its users, it is mainly because it offers great security and offers real respect for private life. This has allowed it to attract millions of users. And to celebrate the end of the year, it offers a final update.

Telegram updates one last time before 2022

If you use Telegram and feel that the service is somewhat lacking in this or that compared to other services, then you might be interested in the latest app update. The developers are giving users one last update for 2021 and to say the least, it brings a bunch of new features.

and stock up on new products

Among these, reactions, which allow users to attach emoji to messages they receive, a function very similar to what can be found on Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage.

There is also a new feature for spoilers, people can discuss a movie, series or book on a newsgroup and see their hidden text, to prevent a participant from reading something. which comes to spoil the surprise.

This means that users can chat without fear and if anyone in the group has not yet seen or read said content, it cannot be spoiled unless they tap to bring up the text in question.

Telegram also introduces translation functionality with this update. This allows you to chat with people speaking another language and to have the translation directly in the application, much more convenient to use.

Many other apps, like WeChat, already offer translation support. So this is nothing new, but, as said above, for users who use Telegram as their daily messaging platform, these novelties will probably be very welcome.

Rachel Maga
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