On Android, Netflix now offers

On Android, Netflix now offers “Studio Quality” Audio

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If our smartphones are devices capable of doing a lot of things, we must admit that they are fishing on certain points. This is very often the case with audio through their built-in speakers.

Using your smartphone to listen to music or watch videos is no problem today. But for an audio quality worthy of the name, we will avoid using the speakers integrated into the device, which are unfortunately quite often below the union minimum, so to speak. Netflix wants to change things.

Netflix updates its Android app

One of the problems with listening to audio on your smartphone is that the quality is nowhere near as good as you can get with dedicated speakers or even good headphones. This is because the built-in speakers are very small and, given the size of our phones, they don’t have enough space to vibrate properly, which directly affects the quality of sound produced.

and promises “studio quality” audio

That doesn’t mean the quality is abysmal either. Smartphone speakers have come a long way in recent years and it looks like Netflix has decided to make things even better on this point. Indeed, the streaming platform has just announced an update to its Android application. This is now compatible with xHE-AAC audio streams. This means that users should be able to enjoy much better sound quality from their phones speakers.

Netflix claims that this allows you to enjoy “studio quality” sound, more consistent sound. In other words, it should be able to adapt depending on various factors such as your connectivity – better quality when you’re connected to a fast network – or even ambient noise management to avoid sudden volume changes. All of this should give users a better understanding of what they are listening to.

The update in question requires an Android smartphone running Android 9.0 or later. It’s hard to gauge the real benefit of this novelty, but if you’re used to watching Netflix on your smartphone, maybe you’ll notice a real difference. Good for your ears!

Rachel Maga
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