NVIDIA to resurrect its GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card

NVIDIA to resurrect its GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card

Graphics cards are an essential component of our computers. And not only. They are also used in consoles, cars, drones, etc.

Among the main components of electronic devices, we can obviously easily quote the processor but today, the needs are such as the Graphic card may be as much, if not more, of importance. It is a component in great demand today, so much so that it can be very difficult to get hold of some models today.

Faced with a shortage of GPUs, NVIDIA will resurrect the GTX 1050 Ti,

Right now, the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are the 30 series graphics cards. That being said, if you want to build yourself a PC, you may have realized that GPUs are quite hard to find in the market, those – here being available in small quantities and the demand is very high. In an attempt to deal with this GPU shortage, it looks like NVIDIA has gone for something quite unconventional.

A graphics card initially released in 2016

According to a PCWorld report, NVIDIA has decided to resurrect its GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. Yes, you read that right. This is a graphics card that is about 5 years old. And yes, it is exactly the same card. So of course, the 1050 Ti will not be aimed at professional gamers, not even those who want high performance in their recent games and therefore need the best graphics, but it could offer an interesting alternative to those who play games that don’t require much consumption and yet need a new GPU.

If you are one of those people who haven’t updated their machine for a long time, this might be a good option. According to NVIDIA, technically this 1050 Ti has not yet reached its end of life, which means that although it is indeed old, it is still supported by NVIDIA. That being said, it will also be necessary to keep an eye on the prices.

Indeed, the 1050 Ti was originally offered at $ 140, in 2016. It would unfortunately seem that, because of this shortage, resellers are now offering it up to $ 400, which is obviously not a good deal. Hopefully NVIDIA will be able to offer it in sufficient quantities so that its price does not soar.

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