A developer explains his point of view on the matter

Not long ago, we told you about how a console dedicated to the Web 3.0 where video games join blockchain and NFT but, already at that time, we reported how a good part of the community is not very happy with this possibility. Although, currently, the market for NFT is not the most prosperous, many companies in the videogame field are starting to look at this reality with great interest.

Just recently, in fact, for example, GameStop kicked off its marketplace NFT and some games that are related to the blockchain, such as Axie Infinity, are having great success internationally. But the community doesn’t seem to be quite ready for this yet, as has been demonstrated with the implementation of NFT in games Square Enix, Ubisoft e SEGA.

A developer is perplexed about the use of NFTs and blockchain in video games

But apparently it is not only users who are not entirely convinced of this path. Even some developers are of the same opinion, such as the CEO of Rogue Snail, Mark Venturelliwho made a long speech on this subject at the Brazil International Games Festival:

“This speech is not about the future of game design, but that of industry trends. For this reason, I wanted this panel to be called “Because NFTs are a nightmare”. Unfortunately, the organizers did not allow me to change the name, but I agree with the contents of the speech”.

“The main problem with implementing NFTs in gaming is that they they are almost always tied to play-to-earn systems, and convincing users that they can earn money by playing video games creates expectations so bizarrely distant from reality that, finally, in the games that use these mechanics, organized groups of players are formed who use the product to make money and that push everyone else to move away. . That’s what it is already happens with online games with an internal economylike EVE or Runescape: organized groups destroy single players”.

“You are an ordinary player, you want to play for fun, and then maybe you want to sell what you got in the missions: your items are worth nothing. They are worth fractions of a cent, which makes you feel completely powerless. Your fantasy and your ability to impact the game world as an individual no longer exist, because everything is controlled by these organized groups of players”.

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