Nintendo has announced the broadcast of “Nintendo Direct 2021.2.18” on its official Twitter account.

This time as well, it will be released on the Nintendo Direct official page, YouTube’s Nintendo official channel, and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting official channel.

Broadcast date is from 7:00 am on Thursday, 2021.2.18. It will be a relatively rare morning broadcast. And what is noticed is Broadcast time is about 50 minutes, which is relatively long. Since there is a notice that it will be recorded in advance, it can be considered that it is exactly 50 minutes.

If you have a lifestyle pattern that involves commuting time, you may need to consciously leave time.

A hint about the content is “Information such as Nintendo Switch software scheduled to be released in the first half of 2021” and “Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL”.

Also, due to the broadcasting time, may the announcement of titles that focus on the United States be included? You can also predict that. I’m looking forward to this area.

In addition, there are also items in the cautionary note that “new information about smartphone apps is not included” and “the software introduced may include some with age restrictions”.

Regarding Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL (Smash Bros. SP), of course, new information about the 9th fighter of “Fighter Pass Vol.2” can be assumed, but since the whole is 50 minutes long, it is another pillar. It seems that we can expect a certain amount of “information on switch software”.

In any case, it is a fact that this time it will be a rare morning broadcast + quite long, which will be an irregular schedule for Japanese users. I would like to look forward to it while adjusting the wake-up time on Thursday morning.

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