LG phones will be able to upgrade to Android 11 and Android 12 after the mobile business closes

LG phones will be able to upgrade to Android 11 and Android 12 after the mobile business closes

LG has ensured that despite the closure of the mobile phone unit, the smartphones existing company will continue to have technical support and updates, including the jump to Android 11 and Android 12 for supported models.

In relation to the announcement made this Monday about the end of the mobile business, the company has shared on the official South Korean page that it will provide the operating system update.

Specifically, in the question section, LG ensures that eligible models will be able to update to Android 11, and as well as some selected models to Android 12. However, it points out that The update schedule depends on the phone’s performance and Google distribution plans, and may even vary by country.

It also states that LG mobiles will receive security and stability updates after the business ceases, but clarifies that changes in policy may occur in the future.

This Monday, after the announcement, company sources explained to Europa Press that this change supposes that the company will no longer produce or release new smartphone models. Your devices, however, can continue to be found until the stock is finished, and there will even be parts for repairs and spare parts.

At the user level, the company ensures that they will not notice anything, since both the guarantee, the after-sales customer service and the update policy of software and security will remain as before for LG phones.

Rachel Maga
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