Krafton will produce blockchain-based games and services

Krafton will produce blockchain-based games and services

Solana Labs partners with Krafton for the development and operation of blockchain and NFT-based games and services

After having invested several million dollars in NFTs and the metaverse by surrounding itself with Naver Z, Seoul Auction Blue and XBYBLUE, the South Korean group Krafton (PUBG, TERA, The Callisto Protocol, Subnautica) announces long-term partnership with Solana Labs with the aim of collaborating in the marketing and design of games via various blockchain technologies, but also to facilitate the search for investment opportunities in the sector.

We are continually looking for new ways to work closely with blockchain companies such as Solana Labs“, said Huyngchul Park, web 3.0 team leader at Krafton. “As one of the world’s best high-performance blockchains, with high speed and low cost, Solana represents the best of the web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies. With this cooperation, Krafton will acquire the necessary knowledge to accelerate its investments in blockchain-based experiments and their production.“. Johnny Lee, Head of Gaming Business Development at Solana Labs, adds: “We’re excited about Krafton’s commitment to building the future of gaming with our teams. Krafton is an established innovator in the video game industry and we are excited to be part of their next step. We see that gamers are increasingly looking for on-chain games and game companies that respond quickly to this demand are conducive to continued success. ”

Solana, the most powerful blockchain in the world

Designed to enable the creation of scalable applications and easy to use around the world, Solana gives developers the confidence to build for the long haul, while delivering predictable scaling without compromising security or composability.

Solana’s performance is based on a unique technology, capable of processing tens of thousands of smart contracts at once thanks to Proof of History, a globally applicable, low-latency, sub-second time stamping system.

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