Apple simplifies the process of erasing the iPhone. With iOS 15.2, there is no longer a need for a computer to do this.

Our smartphones today contain almost all of our digital life. In fact, manufacturers take great care to incorporate a number of features to protect you. Apple does things particularly well in this area. And today, the procedure for erasing a iPhone locked becomes even easier.

Apple simplifies the process of erasing the iPhone

If for some reason you forgot your iPhone passcode and couldn’t authenticate, then the only solution left to fix the problem was to erase the iPhone completely, causing you to lose it. as well as everything there could be on it. This is an effective security measure, but it required that you connect the iPhone to be erased to a computer.

With iOS 15.2, there is no longer a need for a computer to do this

Most of the time, this is not a problem in itself, whether you are at home or at work. But what if it isn’t? What if you don’t have access to a computer right away? It turns out that in iOS 15.2, the Cupertino company introduced a new way to completely erase their iPhone, without needing to plug it into a computer.

This new procedure is only operational for devices running iOS 15.2. In other words, if you have an iPhone that does not have this version of Apple’s mobile OS, you will still need to plug it into a computer to erase it. In any case, this is announced in a help document on the Apple site, which describes the steps to follow to completely erase an iPhone.

Note, users will need an internet connection, whether via Wi-Fi or data, and they will need to use the same Apple ID and password that was used to initially configure their device. A malicious person who would have stolen the said iPhone could not thus completely erase it to resell it.

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