“Recommended posts” that may be displayed when you finish viewing the latest posts of your followers on Instagram. It is said that some users are being tested to mix this with regular posts in the feed and display it.

Recommended posts are those that suggest posts that are similar to those posted by people you follow or those that you like or save. Introduced in August 2020.

The current test is to show this recommended post mixed in the feed. It seems that this test also adds a new control that allows you to snooze recommended posts for 30 days and hide them completely, and a topic selection function that allows you to narrow down the recommended posts you want to display to some extent.

According to the person in charge of Instagram, the feedback of the recommended post itself is often positive, and for this reason we are conducting a new test.

In this test, it seems unlikely that you will see anything that you are not interested in at all due to the tendency of recommended posts so far, but it is normal that additional suggestions will be made after seeing all the posts. If it is displayed mixed with the post, the way of receiving it should change significantly.

“We’re still in the process of testing with a small number, so what happens in the future will depend on that feedback.”

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