Many users wonder how not to find acquaintances on Tinder. After all, even though the use of the dating app is very broad and, by the way, quite standardized, it can be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, the platform allows you to block some profiles through your contacts.

The resource is more than useful: for some, indispensable. Despite this, user reports indicate that the tool is not as accurate. The practical consequence is that, although you activate it, there is still the possibility of meeting acquaintances on Tinder.

It is not known, however, if the lack of precision is caused by a platform error. Anyway, if you want to use Tinder anonymously, always keep your mobile app and system up to date.

If you prefer, you can also test the tool with a friend. The process is simple: adjust the radius, age and other search filters to focus on his profile. Ask him to do the same. Then block the contact as we will teach you next. If the app does not display the profile, it is likely that the feature is working correctly.

  1. To avoid acquaintances on Tinder (Android l iOS), access the profile page through the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In “Settings”, select the command “Block contacts”;
  2. Click “Continue” if necessary. Then use the “Import contacts” option to have the entire list at your disposal. In this mode, just tap on the contacts you want to block next. Alternatively, choose “Add contact manually”.

To unlock someone, just repeat the path you just took. On the “Blocked” tab, locate the profile and, on the right of the screen, select the “Unblock” command.

How Tinder Processes Your Contact List

When you decide to import contacts, Tinder only stores data for those that have been blocked. Name, email and/or phone number are saved. If the information is not the same that the user used to register on the platform, the feature will not work.

If, eventually, you decide to disconnect your contact list, it will not affect contacts blocked until then. Profiles remain restricted until you decide to allow viewing.

If you want to block someone and don’t have their contact saved in your calendar, don’t worry. There is a way to find out this person’s number through Instagram or Facebook if the information is public on the profile.

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