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How to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop?

Not because the AirPods are from Apple, it will be easy to set them up with iOS devices. It’s just as easy to pair AirPods to a PC. Got a Dell laptop? Here’s the essential guide to connecting AirPods to one.

Step-by-step guide on how to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop.

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows + l
  • Choose Devices
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select Bluetooth and other devices
  • In the Add Bluetooth and other devices pop-up window, choose Bluetooth
  • Now, place your AirPods near your Dell laptop and open the lid without removing your AirPods.
  • Press and hold the Settings button on the back of the AirPods until the white light illuminates.
  • Go back to the laptop and select AirPods in the Add Device selection.
  • Click AirPods to connect them.
  • You should receive a notification “Your device is ready.” Click Done to finish the setup.

Now that they are paired, you just need to connect them when you want to use them. You should see it under Devices, so you just need to click Connect to have the audio move from the laptop to your AirPods speaker.

Do AirPods work well with Dell laptops?

Yes. AirPods may be more compatible with iOS devices, but they also work well with PCs. However, there may be some issues with connection stability, but for the most part, they do what they need to do.

AirPods also drain battery faster. Typically, AirPods can last up to 4 hours of playback. But when connected to a Dell laptop, it’s less. No one has calculated it yet and it’s not much of a difference, but it drains battery faster.

How to disconnect the AirPods from the Dell laptop?

  • Again, go to Settings by pressing Windows + l
  • Click on Devices
  • Select your AirPods and click Remove device

Your AirPods should now be disconnected from your Dell laptop.

Final Thoughts

The AirPods will also give you good sound quality when you connect them to your Dell laptop. You may experience some connection issues or the battery may drain faster, but they will still do the job of delivering good sound through headphones.

Experiencing any issues with connecting your AirPods to your Dell laptop? Comment below.

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