How to Block Ads on Spotify

How to Block Ads on Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service. Its free offer is interesting, but includes a lot of advertisements. However, it is possible to make it disappear.

The free offer of Spotify is a good offer, but it would be even better if it didn’t have all those ads. Obviously. While it’s not possible to get all of Spotify’s premium features without paying the subscription that comes with it, like offline listening, it’s possible to block ads, free of charge.

How to Block Spotify Ads in Web Browsers

Spotify web player works great on all browsers. If you use the platform in this way, a browser extension can easily block ads. Most people can use uBlock Origin for Spotify ads, and all other ads on other sites. If you prefer to limit yourself to blocking Spotify ads, you can use SpotiAds.

How to Block Spotify Ads on PC

There are two ways to block ads from Spotify Windows app without paying Spotify Premium subscription. Just be aware that these blockers don’t work with the Microsoft Store version of the Spotify app. You will need to download the app directly from the Spotify site to be able to use them.

BlockTheSpot is among the best ad blockers for Spotify on Windows. Its GitHub page details all installation instructions and the app removes all posts (audio, video, banner) from the Spotify app. From time to time, a Spotify update may interfere with its proper functioning, but just launch the .bat file in the BlockTheSpot folder and everything should work normally.

If you are looking for an alternative to BlockTheSpot, you can try BurntSushi.

How to Block Spotify Ads on Mac and Linux

On Mac, you can use Spotify-Adblock-MacOS to block ads in the app, but this requires creating a self-signed certificate via the Keychain Access app on Mac. Install the Spotify app and follow the instructions given on the GitHub page before opening the app. You can also quit Spotify and follow the instructions to get the ad blocker working.

The next time you open Spotify, the app will ask you for access to the folder where you copied the ad blocker. You will then be able to enjoy Spotify without advertising and this implementation allows you to keep the tool operational even if you update the app.

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