The HomePod mini has clearly allowed Apple to settle in the connected speaker market, doubling the market share of the Cupertino company.

Apple was invited quite late, as is often the case, in the market of smart speakers connected during the launch of its HomePod, allowing companies like Amazon and Google to capture the majority of the shares of this juicy market.

That being said, the HomePod was a wobbly product to say the least, so to speak, which led to a commercial flop. With its frankly high price, the pill was difficult to swallow for many undecided customers. Fortunately, the HomePod mini has arrived.

HomePod mini has clearly helped Apple enter the smart speaker market

Apple subsequently launched its HomePod mini, a much more affordable version for those looking for a connected speaker while remaining in the Apple ecosystem, and it seems that the efforts of the Apple brand have paid off.

At least that’s what emerges from a study by Strategy Analytics which, according to the results obtained, discovered that the HomePod mini had enabled Apple to double its presence in the connected speaker market.

Doubling the market share of the Cupertino company

The specialist company estimates that Apple shipped around 4 million connected speakers during the third quarter of 2021, which allowed it to recover 10.2% of the market share. This is almost double compared to the same period in 2020, when Apple represented “only” 5.9% of the market, before the launch of the HomePod mini.

In other words, we can quite logically say that this new speaker, more compact and less expensive, has largely contributed to the growth of the apple brand in this market.

That being said, Apple is still very much behind other companies like Amazon and Google, both of which have more than 20% of the market share. What’s interesting is that, while not available in the US, companies like Baidu and Alibaba rank third and fourth, respectively, thus relegating Apple to only fifth.

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