Internet has become a lifestyle. Telework, leisure, contacts and distance education have forced us to have a more or less decent connection that allows us to deal with everyday tasks.

However, many times, despite having good access, we find many limitations that make navigation worse. Thus, Google has released six tips that will allow us improve our wifi.

Position the device well

It’s a reality: routers are ugly. Hence, many people decide to place them out of the sight of their guests. However, this purely aesthetic decision can cause the connection to not reach the rest of the house correctly. Therefore, they must always be placed in a central position so that it reaches everyone equally.

Opt for mesh Wi-Fi

If the above trick does not work, the following possibility is possible: set up a mesh Wi-Fi system. Via Google WiFi or Nest WiFi it is possible to establish groups of intercommunicating routers that form a single network to reach all the spaces in the house. Perhaps, in this case, the speed is not very good, but at least it will make up for its lack in some areas.

Create a guest network

In the event that you regularly receive visits at home, it is best to create a second private network for them. In this way, by separating these connections, you will improve the stability and speed of your Wi-Fi. In addition, thanks to this, you will prevent many people from saving your personal password.

Organize your devices

There are some routers that allow you to establish priorities between devices. In such a way that those who are ahead will enjoy more advantages when making video calls or watching content on streaming. In this case, you just have to go to the configuration of these devices and determine the desired order.

Update the router

The first thing to keep in mind is that these devices are also out of date. Think that, from time to time, new networks appear that are not always accepted by them. That is the case, for example, of 5G. Therefore, if your router has more than four years, it is best to replace it with a more modern one that supports such connections.

Protect data

This is almost a truism: who has the internet at home open to anyone? Setting a password to Wi-Fi is something that today is essential to be able to enjoy a good connection. What happens is that sometimes there are devices whose initial configuration does not have it incorporated, so it will be necessary to verify this situation and, if not, set a credential so that no one can connect without your permission.

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