Google will open its first Physical Store this Summer

Google will open its first Physical Store this Summer

Like Apple with its Apple Stores, this summer, Google will in turn open its first physical store. A sales and promotion area for Apple brand devices.

Tech giants have many ways to sell their products. If sales via online platforms represent the majority of the market, physical stores are an interesting alternative, Apple is thus benefiting greatly from its Apple Stores scattered around the globe. This summer, Google will in turn open its first physical store.

A first Google Store will open its doors this summer

Apple has many sales channels to offer its products to its customers. One of them is direct sales, in physical stores, via the Apple Store. This allows customers to try, discover the products, have them in their hands to know if they are suitable, before buying.

For Google products, however, it’s more of a leap of faith, so to speak. You have to be based on what you can read here and there on the web before buying. Unless, of course, you have an acquaintance who already has it.

In New York City, to be more precise

However, it must be admitted that the majority of Google products are very well made. But if you’re the type who likes to test before you buy, you might be interested to learn that Google is also entering the physical retail space market.

The Mountain View giant has just announced the upcoming opening of its first store in New York. Google has already set up promotional and ephemeral sales spaces in the past, but this will be the first permanent establishment.

According to the Google statement, “we will have experts on hand to help visitors learn as much as possible about their device, diagnose a problem if one exists, fix a cracked screen on a Pixel, or help install a application or service.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a long-time Pixel user, just curious about Nest displays, or want to participate in one of our tutorial workshops that we offer throughout the year, our team will be able to provide you with specific and personalized assistance according to your needs.”

This first Google Store will be located in the Chelsea district, New York City, as part of the Google campus which houses the New York HQ of the American giant. The opening is scheduled for this summer. The Mountain View firm has not specified whether it intends to open more later. It will certainly depend on the success of this first address.

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